Falls Creek Coach Service Chain Hire

Need Snow Chains?

We supply chains for hire for those travelling to Falls Creek in their vehicle. We have chains for cars, 4wd standard tyres and we are the only place in town that supply hoops for the larger 4wd tyres.

Not all vehicles are able to fit standard chains. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend not fitting chains at all. You can refer to your car manual for any details regarding this. Some vehicles have no room between the tyre and the suspension strut. This is common for European built cars in particular BMW, Audi, Volvo and Mercedes. We suggest you park your vehicle here and take our coach service to Falls Creek either on one of our regular services or via private transfer.

Fines can be imposed for those not carrying chains on the mountain and fitting them when asked to do so. Victoria Police regularly conduct checks on whether you are carrying chains or not.

You will need your tyre size when you come into the Ampol Service Station. Take a photo just like we have and we will be able to help you out.

Chain Hire & Buy Rates

Please contact us for hire and purchase rates for chains.